Embrace the Future of Logistics

Improve the efficiency of your staff, enable rapid scalability, reduce operational overhead and costs. Seven Robotics offers state-of-the-art robotic solutions to handle all your Intra-logistical needs.

Hassle Free Automation on demand

Truly Autonomous and collaborative robots enhance productivity and reduce errors. 

Our robots are smart and flexible, with the ability to navigate any environment, orchestrate complicated pickup and delivery tasks. Integrate with existing Software and Hardware Infrastructure. Provide remote monitoring and control.

“By minimizing the amount of motion that a human worker needs to complete their tasks, robots increase warehouse efficiency by as much as 80%”- Robotics Business Review”

Industry Agnostic Autonomous Mobile Robots

Health-Care, Warehousing, Manufacturing etc,. provide vastly varying services to the end-user but all of the above mentioned industries depend on an efficient and flexible flow of materials.

Our Autonomous Mobile robots are flexible enough to be used in any industry with little to no reconfiguration required. From delivering goods to the picker in a warehouse the robot can be switched to delivering meals to patients in a hospital in a few minutes. Cloud based utilities enable on-demand automation, remote teleoperation, process visualization and task reconfiguration.

Multitude of sensors and safety mechanisms allow the robots to operate alongside humans.

Reasons for using our Robots

Unbox. Deploy.

Scale on Demand

Easy Integration

Minimal Intervention

Intuitive to use

Process Visibility

Zero Capital

Pay as you go

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Want to know more?
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