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What we do and why

Seven robotics is dedicated to solving the problems of logistical inefficiencies of the current industry. Inexpensive, adaptable and fully autonomous robots; if deployed with factors such as scalability and reliability built into the solution from the beginning, will lead to highly scalable facilities which are flexible, easy to scale and relocate.

Our aim is to make the industry of tomorrow a more productive and valuable enterprise. At seven robotics we integrate the recent advancements made in the field of AI and machine learning to make robots that are environment agnostic and quick to deploy. Most of the robotic hardware we use is developed and built at our own facility. We strive to deliver intuitive human machine interfaces to our customers, which are easy to use and provide rich data for analytical purposes. The goal at seven robotics is to one day build robots that are as easy to use and deploy as any home appliances.


Our Mission

Build the most efficient and adaptable robots to solve logistical problems.

Autonomous Transport
out of the box compatibility with ROS and ROS2 for research purposes
Advanced AI and Machine learning algorithms for navigational efficiently and analytics

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