A Complete Solution for all your Intra-logistical needs

Jump-Start your journey towards efficiency with our end to end robotic solutions. Cut down costs and boost your staffs productivity, utilize the best of AI and robotics to design pickup/delivery tasks. Our intuitive and powerful front-end application, allows users to quickly define and reconfigure logistical tasks. Giving them the much needed mental respite to focus on their core activities, resulting in an efficient and cost-effective workflow.

Seven Robotics offers out of the box utilities and applications that allow users to integrate our robots with their customs applications or third-party ERP/WMS systems.

Multitude of user applications, process and task oriented data visualization utilities allow users to reconfigure and monitor on the fly.

Whether you are a hospital trying to improve staffs productivity by automating material flow or a warehouse that wants to streamline order-to-ship cycles or a manufacturing facility wanting to be more flexible and adaptable to changing requirements. Our cloud integrated robotics solution will help you achieve your operational goals. .

“AMRs can substantially improve productivity – up to 50% with point-to-point (P2P) transport with, say, bins or pallets, and up to 150% with assisted order picking, for example with e-commerce orders” – DHL

“Hospital nurses have found that approximately 10% of their time is spent working around operational failures”-Hendrich


  • Max 200Kg Payload
  • 10 hours single charge operation
  • 3 hours charge time to Full capacity
  • 4G LTE/ Wireless Networking
  • Safety E-stop switches
  • Status LED Indicators
  • Compatible with various Payload carrying shelves

Dynamic Path Planning &
Obstacle Avoidance

Follow/Lead Humans

AI/ML to achieve
optimal task efficiency

Continuous Map building
and Navigation

Object recognition and scene

Self Docking

On-boarding Process